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Keep up with the exciting things happening through your gifts to the Presbyterian Church (USA) Special Offerings. We'll be posting about a wide range of topics, including: how your dollars are used around the world, promotion strategies for use in your local congregations, as well as stories about how Presbyterians are using Special Offerings gifts to make an impact in their own communities. 

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November 12, 2014

Meet Leah, an SOLSN Ambassador

Real talk, here (by now, what do you expect from me?). 

I am so excited for the New Year. I am especially excited for the kickoff training for our first group of Special Offerings Ambassadors. As Sally has passed along information about each new member of this group, I feel so blessed to share their passion about Special Offerings with you. A perfect example of this is Leah Hester Johnson. Hearing about her 24 years of experience, and how she hopes to bring this to her new home, makes me excited to meet her in January. 

What draws you to be an Ambassador with the Special Offerings Leader Support Network? 

Leah Johnson

"I am moving.... My leadership team role within Donegal Presbytery and my work as Westminster's Clerk of Session are ending. I feel this could provide an opportunity to continue denominational service while I meet new people in a new setting. I have promoted various special offerings within both my congregation and in the Presbytery. I believe deeply in the value of our connectional system and feel that when we combine our assets we are stronger and more effective. There is compelling evidence of this whether it's PDA, Peacemaking initiatives, hunger programs, racial/ethnic educational institutions or others that benefit from our offerings. This would provide me a path to learning how congregations new to me are connecting with the various special offerings and provide them ideas for new promotions and new or continued connections. I was pleased to know that training would be provided and that there will be opportunities to share ideas with other ambassadors as we work through the seasons. Fresh interpretation of the offerings and information sharing about the new framework of the offerings are necessary for the continued growth and viability of the special offerings. I'm disappointed when I learn of congregations not participating, ones not aware of resources to interpret the offerings and/or don't know of the value to the recipients."

What does mission in the PC(USA) mean to you?

"Mission is our expression of faith in being sent to the world to share the Good News of the Gospel and in sharing work and witness. Mission is our calling; Mission is working together for the benefit of others. Mission is active, intentional, focused, work alongside partnership. We are all called to serve. Sent in service."

Our group is growing. We continue to add Ambassadors of varying ages, genders, and experience to this number - but there is definitely room for you! Visit for more information, or to request a follow up from Sally. Training begins in January!

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November 3, 2014

Come Shop to Give

This weekend was a great opportunity for me to see our Activation Kit in action - it really works! Has your congregation considered hosting an Alternative Giving Fair, or setting up a Tree of Hope in your narthex or fellowship hall? Send us an email with any questions, refill requests, or better yet - pictures from your event!

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October 28, 2014


This year, the Presbyterian Mission Agency is partnering with the Presbyterian Foundation to join the #GivingTuesday movement. 

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October 27, 2014


"That moment for me was a glimpse into God’s provision and abundance in this world, in this church and in my life."

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October 21, 2014

Meet Kate, an SOLSN Ambassador

Between staff, volunteers, and mission partners, we have a lot of friends involved with Special Offerings on a daily basis. In an effort to include you in our little world, we are beginning a series introducing you to the people behind the scenes who make these offerings possible. 

Meet Kate Rascoe.

Kate is a member of our new Special Offerings Leader Support Network (SOLSN). One of the first brave members blazing the trail for our Ambassador program, which trains people like YOU (hint!) to network with churches in your area, to get feedback and offer resources. For our first profile ...

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