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Keep up with the exciting things happening through your gifts to the Presbyterian Church (USA) Special Offerings. We'll be posting about a wide range of topics, including: how your dollars are used around the world, promotion strategies for use in your local congregations, as well as stories about how Presbyterians are using Special Offerings gifts to make an impact in their own communities. 

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October 21, 2014

Meet Kate, an SOLSN Ambassador

Between staff, volunteers, and mission partners, we have a lot of friends involved with Special Offerings on a daily basis. In an effort to include you in our little world, we are beginning a series introducing you to the people behind the scenes who make these offerings possible. 

Meet Kate Rascoe.

Kate is a member of our new Special Offerings Leader Support Network (SOLSN). One of the first brave members blazing the trail for our Ambassador program, which trains people like YOU (hint!) to network with churches in your area, to get feedback and offer resources. For our first profile, we put Kate on the spot about her involvement with Special Offerings: 

Kate Rascoe

I have served three congregations as pastor. In each, I have struggled to help my congregants understand the incredible work being done by our denomination. I think the Special Offerings are a very unique way to communicate our shared mission and the real difference even the smallest congregation can make in God's name. I have benefited greatly from the information and worship aids produced through the years. The addition of resources via social media has also been a great tool!

I know that people understand mission best when it is person. I served as a Young Adult Volunteer in 1999. Our site's goal was to bring youth and congregations together over social and racial lines to promote peace and brotherhood in Christ. Our program would not have been possible without congregations coming together through the Special Offering Funds.

(I am a part of this because...) I want to learn more. I want to promote a better understanding and deeper appreciation for what we do together.

If you are interested in joining Kate as an Ambassador for 2015, please visit to learn more and put in a request for Sally to call you. We would love to have you on our team!

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October 20, 2014

Looking Forward to Christmas

OK, it's true. I don't usually like to think about getting ready for Christmas until my Thanksgiving dinner has fully digested.

I like to jump in head first at the beginning of Advent and not slow down til Christmas day. I'm sure many of you who have worked in congregations know how true those words are!

But the truth of the matter is, sometimes you need a little lead time. I purchased my first two Christmas gifts last week, and I'm getting ready to start the all-important Christmas Card List. This year, choosing a design won ...

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October 14, 2014

Ready, Set, Activation Kit!

We have heard from several congregations who host alternative giving fairs, providing opportunities to purchase the kinds of gifts that don't clutter people's homes. The kinds of gifts that make a difference to someone else who really needs it. In response, we created the Presbyterian Giving Catalog Activation Kit.

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October 1, 2014

I Want YOU!

I have been feeling a lot like the 1940s Uncle Sam poster that says, “I want you” with a big finger pointing at the reader. Except I was not alive in the 1940s, I’m not male and I’m not representing the government.

Though, I am looking for YOU to join the Ambassador program.

I want you to join me to increase support for, increase energy around and increase awareness of all the mission work funded by the 4 PCUSA Special Offerings.

Volunteers will meet with pastors in their area, present to congregations, tell stories of the way the ...

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September 30, 2014

A Blessing of the Goats

I often have moments that make me think, "I love my job!" One of these was meeting Will Christians, pastor at First Presbyterian Church in Decatur, Michigan. He shared this story with me, and I'd like to pass it along here:

"After a whole year of collecting small offerings, the Sunday school class was able to raise the $178 needed to purchase a pair of goats through the Presbyterian Giving Catalog. The church wanted there to be some sort of special recognition for their patience and accomplishment, so we planned a “Blessing of the Goats” to be a part ...

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