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Keep up with the exciting things happening through your gifts to the Presbyterian Church (USA) Special Offerings. We'll be posting about a wide range of topics, including: how your dollars are used around the world, promotion strategies for use in your local congregations, as well as stories about how Presbyterians are using Special Offerings gifts to make an impact in their own communities. 

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February 18, 2016

Minute for Mission: Rebuilding Lives from the Ground Up

“This is so much fun! I could swing here for the rest of my life,” screams six-year-old Roshan Karki, who can now use a swing for the first time in his life, thanks to his temporary new home in emergency housing—supported by Finn Church Aid, ACT Alliance, and PDA. 

In early 2015, in a span of just two short weeks, Nepal was rocked by two massive earthquakes that devastated the tiny country. More than 500,000 homes were destroyed, 280,000 more were damaged, and nearly 9,000 people died.

Young boys in temporary shelter enjoy a meal provided by ACT Alliance partners in Nepal

Presbyterian Disaster Assistance (PDA) was on the ground almost ...

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April 14, 2014

The Hands and Feet of Jesus

Our group of adults and youth were ready and flexible to help anywhere during our week at Point Pleasant. We helped paint, build showers for future service teams to use, sheetrocked a garage, and helped with whatever tasks that homeowners needed. One of the most meaningful experiences for us that week was helping a couple move into their home. It was the first time they had spent the night in their home in over 9 months. Through our day spent with them cleaning and moving, we were able to hear their story and be the hands and feet of Jesus. They were just one of the families we were able to interact with. In many ways that week we got more than we gave.

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February 17, 2014

March 9 is "Wear Your Blue" Sunday

From Presbyterian Disaster Assistance:

The first Sunday in Lent (March 9, 2014) has been designated “Wear your blue t-shirt to church Sunday” as a testament of one of the ways One Great Hour of Sharing makes a difference.

Disaster after disaster, Presbyterians have responded in record numbers with prayers, financial gifts, and hands-on-experience.  Over the last 9 years, more than 70,000 volunteer missions have been served in the U.S. Gulf Coast, Iowa, Missouri, Alabama, Tennessee, Texas, New Jersey, New York, and other places where natural disasters have occurred. Many volunteers have put on blue PDA t-shirts and worked ...

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January 8, 2014

Gift of the Heart School Kits

I know yesterday's post was a long one, but trust me when I say that these won't always demand that much of your time. Like today's for instance. Margaret (our Project Manager for Congregational Promotion) happened to catch the following on the Presbyterian Disaster Assistance Facebook page and we thought it was something worth sharing through this channel. 

"As an Expression of Grace, the Dean family prepared these colorful Gift of the Heart school kits. Three generations gathered to assemble the gifts so that somewhere in the world, someone in need will be blessed with a practical ...

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