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Eco-Journey is the blog of the Environmental Ministries Office of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.). It includes a wide array of environmental topics: upcoming environmental events, links to interesting articles and studies, information on environmental advocacy, eco-theology topics, and success stories from churches that are going “green.”

Author Rebecca Barnes is the Associate for Environmental Ministries at the PC(USA). She is a graduate of Louisville Presbyterian Theological Seminary with an MDiv and Master of Arts in Religion (MAR) dual degree.

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May 1, 2014

Disappearing Wetland Communities and a Church Calling for Change

Bayou Blue church visit


Last month I visited, along with other members of the Presbyterian Hunger Program, the First Presbyterian Church of Bayou Blue, in Gray, Louisiana. We learned about the concerns and passions unique to their part of God's creation. This hospitable, warm, and loving congregation shared much with us, including their deep grief about what is happening in the wetlands around them.


As seems to be the case in many of our "human ingenuity" endeavors, it is after channels have been carved into wetlands for oil drilling (allowing salt water intrusion) and after experiencing natural disasters like hurricanes (which push on ...

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March 26, 2014

Environmental Justice Atlas resource online

A great resource for finding out what environmental conflicts and environmental justice movements are happening around the world is the Environmental Justice Atlas.


You can go to this resource to see a world map and to sort by company, country, or issue. The site also includes reports and links to other world-wide Environmental Justice groups.

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February 4, 2014

Christ's light and asking for transparency in global trade

Last week, the below action alert was released by the Office of Public Witness in conjunction with a helpful, timely article by Alexa Smith of the Presbyterian Hunger Program.

As the plummeting temperatures and winter storms of the last few weeks have reminded us, we are in the season of winter, when the world is at its darkest. This is the time when Earth orbits the sun in its widest arc, shortening the day and lengthening the night. For many, it is a time of searching for light.

And yet as Christians, we know that we are also in the ...

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September 24, 2013

Environmental Justice: learning from the southwest


I posted last week about Environmental Justice, particularly in reference to a reflection on a Louisville, KY based "environmental racism tour" connected to the Big Tent PCUSA gathering in August.


Issues of environmental justice are in my hometown, and in yours, and all across the globe. What do you see around you?


To continue the conversation and to share a success story of one community that is gaining voice and power as it works for environmental justice, I want to invite you to hear a bit about Tewa Women United, an organization of women, some of whom I had the ...

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September 18, 2013

Environmental Justice: paying attention to people

Environmental Justice is a term used to indicate that certain sectors of the human population suffer from the worst affects of environmental disaster and are kept from the best of environmental benefits. Correlating with a lot of other structural issues of injustice, people of color and people in lower economic brackets are documented to be living closest to the most toxic sites and farthest from beneficial ones.


Think of the people who populate the major agricultural fields that get heavily sprayed with pesticides (primarily Latino or Hispanic), or historical populations that have been removed from their land (various Native American ...

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