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Thinking, praying, and living the faith is at the core of ministry in the Office of Theology and Worship. In the following videos, learn more about what thinking, praying, and living the faith means to the leadership of the Office of Theology and Worship. Discover why it matters and what difference it makes in our lives, work, and worship.  

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July 24, 2013

Seeing God at work in Northern Ghana

From Wednesday to Sunday I have been in the northern half of Ghana,  in the newly formed Upper Presbytery (offices in Bolgatonga) and the Northern Presbytery (offices in Tamale). 

Ghana Map


The two areas are closely related in many ways, but also have many differences.  The area around Tamale is the historic center of Islam in Ghana.  The native population is close to 99% Muslim, although a significant number of folks from southern Ghana have come north for government and university jobs lessening that number.  The Northern Presbytery is the largest in land size and smallest in number of the 13 Ghanaian presbyteries.  The Upper Presbytery has a smaller Muslim population, but a much larger traditional African religion population. 


                One of the reasons that Muslims and Christians get along as well as they do here is a two-fold understanding:  1) that peaceful coexistence is a Christian and a Muslim value; and, 2) that both are missionary religions, so neither is surprised by conversion.  It is my understanding that more Muslims are becoming Christians than the other way around.  Here are a couple of pictures you might find interesting.  In some Islamic countries, women are forbidden to drive.  That is clearly not the case here:


Muslim women on motos


On Sunday morning we worshiped with one of nine congregations that Rev. Peter Amadu Tia  pastors.  He is from Fooshegu among the Dagbali people.  



In this picture from worship, you can see the baby girl with a hijab on being held by her grandmother (?) in worship.  Her father is probably a Muslim.


baby in hijab


                This congregation numbered almost 90 in worship, even as it worships under a tree in the village.  There is a literal call to worship, when the young man begins to play the drums, the people began to gather.

call to worship 

                Here are video clips from worship.










  1. Eric, Thanks so much for your comment. I can feel your emotion at having left this community with need for Christ. Fortunately, God can work through us, alongside us, or in spite of us. So I am trusting for God's good work in your home area. Charles

    by Charles Wiley

    September 27, 2013

  2. Peace be on to you. I believe if we can once if the presbytary can have some few man who are able to visit around more areas of the northern part a lot of souls can be win for christ. Am coming from Nakpanduri, a member of the presby churh there. New people are ready to go with christ but the problem within those areas need regular visit to keep and teach them more about christianity. These will come and go back if alot of teaching in the gosple is not put first to strengthen their faith. Alot of them will go back if regular visitation and follow up is not carry. Mentioning only two congregations around to Nakpanduri area but it was always a problem and i have seen that the more you worship with them, the more their number increases and more they respon with faith. It is good within those area you feel the power in the holy Spirit at work, the church need to carry more evengislesm within those area. I see that more people in the city always have time on what i want to more the real time for God and his work and the poor are in hunger with the word of God in the villages. It is rather unfortunate i left there and out of the country at the time i should done the work of God. Gods hand is upone his children on his work.

    by Dimkwa Subiripo Eric

    September 26, 2013

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