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Food and Faith is a blog of the Presbyterian Hunger Program.

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April 24, 2007

Farm Bill Tuesday: $42 a Week, $3/Meal

posted by Fritz Gutwein That’s what the Gov. of Oregon is doing. He and his wife are going to spend a week, this week, eating on $42, or $3 per meal, per person. That is the amount a person and...

April 24, 2007

Crying over blueberries

By Jana McNally I cried about blueberries a few days ago. I really don't cry that much anymore and rarely about food, although I did once cry about lettuce. During the summer of 1997, my husband, Ivor, and I were...

April 23, 2007

Salsa Gazpacho!

Salsa Gazpacho This comes with high commendations from a participant in our recent Just Eating class. (She also taps her own maple trees and cooks down the sap for maple syrup.) 2 large tomatoes or more 2 tsp fresh lime...

April 18, 2007

Why are the bees are dying? They call it Colony Collapse Disorder

Albert Einstein once said that if the bees disappeared, "man would have only four years of life left". The die-off happening around the U.S. and some parts of Europe is serious for beekeepers, farmers and all us. Since the 1980s,...

April 17, 2007

Farm Bill 2007—Title I: Reform Begins Here

posted by Fritz Gutwein In 2007, the U.S. Congress is expected to reauthorize the farm bill. This piece of legislation is about farms and farmers, but its scope is even broader. The Farm Bill touches everyone in this country (and...

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