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Food and Faith is a blog of the Presbyterian Hunger Program.

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May 29, 2007

Farm Bill Tuesday: "Shout Out Loud"

Got five minutes and change? Watch this video from OxFam, enjoy some fine Amos Lee music, and learn some important stats about the U.S. commodity subsidy program. Then join us in reforming the farm bill and "Shout Out Loud".

May 18, 2007

Black farmers say boycott Monsanto

Black farmers call for boycott of Monsanto: The National Association of Black Farmers has asked its 60,000 members to boycott Monsanto products. The action is in protest of Monsanto's $1.5 billion bid to acquire Delta & Pine Land Company. Dr....

May 15, 2007

Farm Bill Tuesday: All the Resources you Need

The food and farm bill is big this year. And we need the help of each person that eats. There are many ways to plug in. The first step is to sign up for updates and alerts from the Religious...

May 14, 2007

Farmers Driven to Suicide

Caption: Burning GMO Cotton in India In January 10, Jamuna Ramdas Ade decided she couldn't take it any more. The cotton farmer from the Indian state of Maharashtra was so deep in debt that she swallowed a mouthful of monocrotophos,...

May 8, 2007

Farm Bill Tuesday: Whose Bread Are We Eating?

posted by Fritz Gutwein " 'They who do not give to another what belongs to the other are not eating their own bread, but are eating both their bread and the other's.' (Meister Eckhart) "The thousands of hungry persons in...

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