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Food and Faith is a blog of the Presbyterian Hunger Program.

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September 28, 2007

Cultivating Peace through a Special Garden

Be a gardener. Dig a ditch, Toil and sweat, And turn the earth upside down And seek the deepness And water the plants in time. Continue this labor And make sweet floods to run And noble and abundant fruits to...

September 26, 2007

West African rice farmers explore alternatives to cheap, dangerous insecticides

Farmer-to-farmer training and on-farm research grow local adapted knowledge of biologically based integrated pest management that embraces biodiversity, careful observation and beneficial insects. By Timothy J. Krupnik (with permission of Rodale Institute - photos of Sawadogo in original article) September...

September 20, 2007

Hungry for Justice: Cancel Debt Video

Meet some of the 10,000+ people that are fasting now to end illegitimate debts that cause so much poverty around the world. This video is a great tool to use for presentations on the Cancel Debt Fast! It really helps...

September 19, 2007

Farmer's Markets Pushing Farmers Out?

SF Gate - which is the San Francisco Chronicles' web site - has an article on farmers quitting the Ferry Building Farmer's Market. Too many folks selling the same stuff plus the distance and energy it takes to get the...

September 10, 2007

The end of oil; the start of tasty food

The title of the radio show appealed to me since Deconstructing Supper: Is your food safe? is a wonderful video that we lend out to groups for viewing around the country. You can see the lending library list here according...

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