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Food and Faith is a blog of the Presbyterian Hunger Program.

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September 27, 2008

Of Seasons, Tomatoes and other Signs of Life

This week marked the end of tomato season, my third since I started pushing little tiny seeds into 1” seed trays. This is the first fall where I made a decision to end the season (tomato plant euthanasia?) rather than...

September 22, 2008

The Reindom of Heaven, in radishes

Matthew 20:1-16 took on new meaning for me this week. Though I heard it read within the walls of a church on Sunday, the story took me out to the fields where I spend my day laboring. In this passage,...

September 22, 2008

Harvesting by Hand

I touched your food. Don't be offended or worried. Lots of people touched your food. Hope you rinsed that lettuce. I'm working as a novice apprentice on an organic farm in Riverhead, Long Island. Every day at 7 am, I...

September 21, 2008

don't fool with mother nature?


September 17, 2008

hurricane ike and the church parking lot

Early Monday morning, I rode my bicycle down Frankfort Ave amidst the devastation from 75 mile-an-hour winds of the day before. Giant oak trees that had stretched to the sky two days prior lay on their sides - broken. I...

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