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Food and Faith is a blog of the Presbyterian Hunger Program.

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March 27, 2013

Food Justice?

Food Justice…. The combination of these words does not evoke much if any emotion in my parents’ household.  The phrase flows through uninterested ears who are more concerned with keeping their refrigerator full than finding out where their food comes from.  My parents trained my younger sisters and me to eat everything they placed on our plates. We were taught to be thankful for whatever food we were given. Although these are good qualities to instill in children, this practice simultaneously taught us that all food, if edible, is acceptable.

My parents belong to the lower middle class. Because of ...

March 26, 2013

Snowing In Springtime

The first real day of spring is a very distinct day and it is not marked on any calendar. It is the day in March when the world begins to move again; the sidewalks become filled with people walking with their families and friends and it suddenly seems that everyone is on a bicycle.  

March 22, 2013

You Have Been Denied

Going through this tedious very stressful process has opened my naive eyes to the system of government assistance.   Aren’t government assistance programs meant to help reduce the daily stresses instead of creating more?  How can these individuals and families work through the system to get what they need without high stress and time away from work and family?  

March 19, 2013

A Moment of Thanks

Coffee is as much a part of our culture as beer and baseball. But the work it takes to get coffee from tree to coffee-maker doesn’t get much attention. I recently learned about how coffee beans are processed at a presentation at Irvington Presbyterian Church here in Indianapolis. The Presbyterian Church encourages local churches, such as Irvington Presbyterian, to support a just marketplace through programs like the Presbyterian Coffee Project, coordinated by Melanie Hardison. Pastor Bob Heimach and Craig Shaw from Irvington Presbyterian Church joined Melanie and others on a trip to Nicaragua to see how the coffee promoted ...

March 15, 2013


My high school mascot was the Cornjerker, which was a big ear of corn that ran out on the field (you can’t make this stuff up). So as I think about food and farms it is to that traditional back drop of the small family farm in communities where I was raised.

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