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Swords into Plowshares is the blog of the Peacemaking Program and the Presbyterian Ministry at the United Nations of the Presbyterian Mission Agency of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.).

Seeking peace. Striving for justice. Together.

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August 9, 2012

And the Word of the Lord Happened or Discernment among Camel Jewelry, Goats, and Dish Towels

We have daily prayer here at the Center.   At noon, we gather, catch up on prayer concerns we know about, consider the requests before us on our prayer request board.  Then we start.  It’s nothing elaborate.  We pray or sing the morning psalm, read one of the lections, talk about the scripture’s insights, enter into intercessory prayer. 

Sometimes it’s just two of us who are gathered.  Such was this day.  Someone looking in on the two of us there in the chapel who knew both of us might have assumed that each of us comes from a ...

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March 15, 2012

A Jewel for the Church

“The goal is to send these younger people home, have them fired up and passionate about the scriptures and with strong prayer lives and a real sense of what they believe, so they can continue to do those kinds of things in the local setting,” says Tim McNeil.

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March 7, 2012

Small World

When we are attentive to God’s Word and Spirit, the discipline of daily Scripture reading has the potential to restore our priorities and turn our world upside down. This simple practice can become, by the grace of God, a way of re-immersing ourselves in God’s story.

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November 30, 2011

The Beginning of the Good News

Why not host a public reading of the entire gospel of Mark in your congregation this year?

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