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Swords into Plowshares is the blog of the Peacemaking Program and the Presbyterian Ministry at the United Nations of the Presbyterian Mission Agency of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.).

Seeking peace. Striving for justice. Together.

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March 17, 2014

10 Minutes = 1 Day of Water

The UNICEF Tap Project invites you to go without your phone to help children in need of clean water. Are you up for the challenge?

For every ten minutes you don’t touch your phone, UNICEF Tap Project donors and sponsors can fund one day of clean water for a child in need.* It’s that simple.

Take the Challenge!

Your total time will help UNICEF provide clean water and sanitation to children in need around the world.

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March 18, 2013

UNICEF Tap Project 2013

This year, the UNICEF Tap Project would like to invite you to transform the world's largest social network into a water network.

UNICE Tap Project logoNo one can survive without water. Yet nearly 800 million people do not have safe, clean water to drink, and more than 2.5 billion people live without a proper toilet. The lack of these basic necessities isn’t just inconvenient — it’s lethal. Every day, nearly 4,000 children under age five die from waterborne diseases.

Through the UNICEF Tap Project and your social network, you can help stop these needless deaths.

Why the UNICEF Tap ...

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April 9, 2012

Clean water from Clifton Presbyterian Church

Clifton Presbyterian Church in Maxwelton, WV

Helps with the UNICEF Tap Project

by Larry Davis

When the Presbytery of West Virginia held a seminar at the Presbyterian Ministry at the United Nations, they learned about the UNICEF Tap Project. Earlier this year, the presbytery invited congregations to participate in this effort to provide clean water to children around the world. Clifton Presbyterian Church in Maxwelton responded. Larry Davis writes:

Water bottle filled with dirty waterAs a result of the receipt of a Presbytery of West Virginia email about the UNICEF Tap Project for 2012, the Clifton Presbyterian Church in Maxwelton, WV (population 181) decided to ...

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March 7, 2012

Tap Project at the CSW

Presbyterian participants at the 56th Session of the Commission on the Status of Women helped provide clean water for children around the world. They conributed to the UNICEF Tap Project for the coffee and tea provided by the Presbyterian Ministry at the United Nations. You could do the same during a coffee hour, fellowship meal, or other time people gather.

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February 22, 2012

Responding to child labor trafficking

What can we do to address human trafficking – particularly child labor trafficking?

The participants in the Central New York Presbytery Partnership Group seminar at the Presbyterian Ministry at the United Nations identified the following ideas to use in their congregations, schools, and communities:

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March 22, 2011

On a rainy day . . .

. . . in New York town, I thought a lot about water. Recognizing the destructive power of water, I made a gift to Presbyterian Disaster Assistance to care for those in Japan affected by the tsunami. Recognizing our dependence...

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March 14, 2011

Share a drink of clean water

Participate in the UNICEF Tap Project Providing clean water helps achieve Millennium Development Goal 4: Reduce by two thirds, between 1990 and 2015, the under-five mortality rate

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March 13, 2011

About the UNICEF Tap Project

Share a drink of water through the UNICEF Tap Project Check out participating restaurants Find ways to help In 2007, the UNICEF Tap Project was born in New York City based on a simple concept: restaurants would ask their patrons...

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February 15, 2011

About the UNICEF Tap Project

Spend $1 (or more) on tap water at the restaurant of your choice and help bring water to children around the world. That's the simple idea behind the UNICEF Tap Project. In 2007, the UNICEF Tap Project was born in...

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