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Through the Waters is the blog of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) Christian vocation ministries. Because the ministry of Christian vocation affirms the need for all baptized Christians – including Presbyterians - to identify and claim their call to discipleship in each decision and life choice, this blog is designed to serve as a resource for youth and young adults, as well as those in ministry with them, to assist the Holy Spirit in God’s movement in this journey through the waters. Take some time to read and think about your own responses to the questions posed here. For additional resources, we suggest that you visit our website.

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December 8, 2011

Strangers in Our Midst

Christmas StarIt was only as I began walking down the aisle of the full airplane for a cross-country flight that I realized I had been assigned a middle seat. Normally, I might not mind but this was a long leg of my journey and I was tired. All I really wanted to do was stick in my earbuds and take a nap. As I located my seat, though, it was clear that I would be lucky to be able to do either.


In addition to a man seated to my right, a young mother and her 15 month old boy sat ...