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Young Adult Volunteers commit to serving a minimum of one year in the U.S. or Internationally at one of our sites. YAVs have the opportunity to volunteer alongside local partners, engaging in work and conversation around issues that address poverty, reconciliation, and what it means to share the hope of Christ through service. This blog is a chance to stay updated on what is happening in the life of the YAV program, whether that is with our current volunteers, our abundance of alum, the YAV office, or our YAV partners. The conversations and tough issues that we spend countless hours talking about as YAV’s don’t end when the year does; welcome to the conversation! If you have more questions, feel free to email.


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YAV Stories Published Online:

     Along the Border: PCUSA News Service

     Emma Randles (Austin): Grassroots Leadership

     Becca Messman (Guatemala): Outlook

     Colleen Earp (NOLA): Unbound

     Lives Set on New ‘Routes’: Unbound

     Dan Bohnker (Little Rock): PDA 

     Abby Miller (Peru): YAV Blog

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March 3, 2015

As You Prepare for Discernment

As you prepare for Discernment: Thoughts from a recent YAV Alum

Hello all! To those planning on heading to the Discernment Event in Little Rock we’re excited to meet you. David Wigger (YAVA, Kenya 11/12) recently asked me to share my experience with a potential YAV considering serving in Peru. Although my experience is site-specific (as all YAV years are), David imagines all considering a year of service might benefit from a short read about a YAV year. David asked me to share ...

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April 29, 2014

Welcome to A Year of Service!

Welcome to the new blog dedicated to the Young Adult Volunteer program. We hope that this blog is a place where you can read more about the program as a whole, as well as a place where alum and friends of the program can visit and guest post. While coming up with ideas for this blog, it made sense for the name to be the unofficial motto of the program: "A Year of Service...for a Lifetime of Change." People have come to know this motto in relationship with the YAV program, using it to describe, in a nutshell, what ...

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