Notes about implementation of Christmas Joy Offering 2013, since this doesn't display on the page:

1) I downloaded the zip file from the skydive URL to my local /dev directory, and renamed it cjo2013.zip.
2) I used SCP to upload the zipped files to the ctrwebp4 server using the following command; this is something that only an IT person has server access to do:
scp ~/dev/cjo2013.zip ctrwebp4:~/apps/cms/media/uploads/cjoffering/

3) Then I connected to the ctrwebp4 server, navigated to the coffering uploads folder (~/apps/cms/media/uploads/cjoffering/), unzipped the file and renamed the resulting /website folder to /cjo2013
unzip cjo2013
mv website cjo2013

4) I also went through the cjo2013 folders and deleted the DreamWeaver lock files (*.LCK); it wasn't really required, but there's no need for unused files on the server. At this point, you can see the file they sent in the uploads directory:

Also, the hijack pop-up they sent can be accessed at:

5) I can't do what Thommy did last year with the file in the uploads directory though — he created a flatpage so that it would have a better URL. To do that, I needed to create a new /flatpage template using the uploads index.html; I created it as /gamc/templates/flatpages/cjo2013.html (and renamed the existing christmas_joy.html to be cjo2012.html). Referring back to our meeting conversation on 11/27, http://dev.pcusa.org/cjo/ was actually just a place where Thommy created last year's mockup, the flatpage that he made from it was the actual page.

6) I created a flatpage (http://www.presbyterianmission.org/verleen/flatpages/page/) named CJO2013. There's a section labeled "Advanced options" that's default-collapsed, I clicked the Show link and set the new cjo2013.html template as the one to use for that flatpage, so it's viewable at the URL:

I added footer images, which Teresa can verify, but the "Read More" link doesn't go anywhere, so a URL should be specified for that, or it should be removed.