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Leadership Cabinet

Interim Executive Director, Tony De La Rosa, x5040
Deputy Executive Director of Shared Services and CFO, Earline Williams, x5672
Senior Director of Communications, Kathy Francis, x5194
Senior Director of Funds Development, Terri Bate, (330) 497-8683
Director of Policy, Administration and Board Support, Barry Creech, x5127

Ministry Directors

Compassion, Peace and Justice: Sara Lisherness, x5779
Racial Ethnic & Women's Ministries: Rhashell Hunter, x5494
Theology, Formation and Evangelism: Charles “Chip” Hardwick, Director, x5333
World Mission: Hunter Farrell, x5348

  1. Dear Presbyterian Church USA, Thank you, thank you for your courageous action on behalf of justice for the oppressed. I am not a Presbyterian, but I am so impressed and inspired by your courageous action in support of the Palestinian people, who have suffered abuse and humiliation for so long. I hope your actions will open the door for other Americans to do the right thing. Again, my heartfelt thanks. Blessings in your ministry. Sincerely, Dan Sendzik

    by Dan Sendzik

    June 21, 2014

  2. There has been quite a lot of discussion in my Jewish community of Greensboro, NC about the role of BDS and PCUSA. One of our rabbis (Fred Guttman) has drawn up a long letter of protest, explaining that the Palestinians aren't blameless and that the Israelis should not be singled out as the sole problem. Here is the other side of the coin from my perspective as an American Jew. Are the Palestinians blameless? Of course not. But the Israelis are the ones with the power, not the Palestinians. Other than terrorism (which we should all abhor), what action can the Palestinians take against the continued building of settlements and the daily abuse of military power? If BDS is targeted at getting the Israelis to stop the settlements, then it's hard to argue against BDS. If the goal of BDS is to delegitimize Israel, then BDS is a fool's errand. Our rabbi's letter says that the role of a peacemaker should not include BDS coercion. I can't help but wonder if he would have made these same comments during the time of apartheid in South Africa. I am sure that he would not be making such comments. Our rabbi's letter says that "Even Prime Minister Netanyahu has accepted the two-state solution..." Those are nice words, but actions speak louder than words and Netanyahu went back on his word (about releasing prisoners) during the last round of peace negotiations. How can anyone trust or believe him? Our rabbi's solution to this problem is prayer. I'm all in favor of prayer, but we can take action in addition to prayer. God gives us the tools we need to make this a better world. As long as those tools are reasonable and nonviolent, it is our job to use those tools. Our rabbi also talks about how Arafat turned down the Clinton peace proposal. On this issue he is correct. Arafat was a fool (even Prince Bandar of Saudi Arabia believed this) for turning his back on the Clinton proposal. Clinton has said that he believes that Abbas would have accepted the proposal, but that proposal is no longer on the table and Arafat is dead. Perhaps the whole solution to this problem has been misguided. A Truth and Reconciliation Commission should perhaps come before a peace deal can be reached. Until both sides acknowledge the serious mistakes that have been made, it's hard to see that there will be any serious progress. I wish you well with your decision making. Your task is not an easy one. Please consider reading "Contested Land, Contested Memory" by the Christian author Jo Roberts. I believe it may offer you some guidance. Sincerely, Kevin Thurm 6 Brookglen Court Greensboro, NC 27410

    by Mr. Kevin Thurm

    May 23, 2014

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