Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.)

Chapter 4: Engage Your Neighbors and Community


This chapter will help you connect with your community. Instead of trying to figure out how your church can make a difference in your community, this is a time to prayerfully consider what God is already doing in your community and discern how your church is uniquely wired to join God in that mission. The last video will give you questions to ask people in your community that will help you discern God’s call for your church.

1. The Unloveable?: We are Jesus’ witness to all people even if they are different than us or are uncomfortable to be around. Download the resource

2. What Breaks God's Heart?: Learn what breaks God’s heart in our world. Download the resource

3. Engage - Interview With Al: Download the resource

4. Engaging the Community: In order to join with what God is doing in our communities we need to listen to people. Download the resource

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