Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.)

Chapter 1: Engage the New Normal


Evangelism is sharing good news. It is the good news of God’s healing and saving love in Jesus Christ. This online resource is designed to help us proclaim what we have received, offering this good news to one another and people in our communities.

Through short videos and interactive questions, this resource will help people and churches engage

This will help churches move from a membership model of ministry to a disciple-making and missional model of ministry.

As a companion to this online training in video form use the intensive Engage resource booklet.

In this first chapter, we want to look at how the culture around us has dramatically changed and how we can build bridges and engage with people outside the church. We will also look at how faith sharing needs to be different in the world in which we find ourselves.

1. Video tutorial: A video tutorial on how to use our online training. Download the resource

2. Engage our Culture: Reach people outside the walls of your church. Download the resource

3. Engage the New Normal: Understand how the culture around us is dramatically changing. Download the resource

4. Past vs. New: What are new ways of faithfully sharing the Gospel that is different from the past. Download the resource

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