The Presbyterian Publishing Corporation is pleased to announce a new forthcoming book from author Louis B. Weeks. Weeks will research and write on the current state of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) and its prospects for the future. The resulting book will be published in spring 2012.

Over the next several months, Weeks will be interviewing Presbyterian leaders and others knowledgeable about the denomination and its congregations. If you know of resources and constructive endeavors that should be noted concerning the church today and tomorrow, you may contact Weeks by email: lweeks@upsem.edu

For four decades and more, Weeks has been a student of Presbyterian denominational and congregational life. His research for this project will involve study of Presbyterians at worship and work in congregations as well as those involved in church-wide bodies and councils. He will explore resources for congregational vitality as well as those offered from Presbyterian-related institutions.

Louis Weeks is President Emeritus at Union Presbyterian Seminary, where he served for thirteen years. Prior to that, he was a member of the faculty and for eleven years dean at Louisville Presbyterian Seminary. His writing for PPC has included To Be a Presbyterian, Revised Edition (2010), The Presbyterian Source: Bible Words That Shape a Faith, and Making Ethical Decisions: A Casebook of Church and Society. With Joe Coalter and John Mulder, Weeks coedited The Presbyterian Presence, a seven volume series, and with Ann Weems, edited Faith in Words: A Celebration of Presbyterian Writers.

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