The Presbyterian News Service is inviting congregations and middle governing bodies to share stories of new mission involvements or relationships they have developed as a DIRECT result of last fall’s Mission Challenge ’09 and/or Mission Celebration ’09.

During the month of October 2009, more than 50 Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) mission workers in service around the world traveled to more than 150 of the denomination’s 173 presbyteries, telling their stories and seeking to establish more and stronger connections between Presbyterians and their international mission workers.

A dozen International Peacemakers from partner churches overseas were also part of the itineration, which culminated in a four-day celebration of Presbyterian mission in Cincinnati, Oct. 21-24.

PNS wants to hear stories about congregations, presbyteries and synods who took up the mission challenge and established new mission programs, activities and/or relationships with overseas PC(USA) missionaries as a DIRECT result of Mission Challenge ’09 or Mission Celebration ’09.

If you have a story you want told, contact Jerry Van Marter by email or by phone at (502) 569-5493; or Bethany Furkin by email or by phone at (502) 569-5138.