The more than 30 people who have written about, edited, photographed and posted the news of the 219th General Assembly hail from all over the country and bring varied talents to the news-gathering and dissemination process.

A great many have volunteered their services. All deserve a word of thanks for their work.

Here’s the crew:

Serving pastorates: the Rev. Meg Flannagan, Clarksville, Tenn.; the Rev. Don Lincoln, Westchester, Penn.; the Rev. Tony Oltmann, Brainard, Minn.; and the Rev. Chuck Proudfoot, Payson, Ariz.

Several folks serve as staff for middle governing bodies: Kim Coulter (Des Moines), the Rev. Erin Cox-Holmes (Donegal); Dennis Sanders (Twin Cities Area); Corey Schlosser-Hall (North Puget Sound), Duane Sweep (Lakes and Prairies), and the Rev. Shane Whisler (Sun).

Others who’ve offered invaluable help: Danny Bolin (photography business, Tell City, Ind.); Mike Ferguson (reporter, Lone Tree, Iowa); Debbie Hamrick (church administrator, Birmingham, Ala.); Sherri Hildebrandt (copy editor, Minneapolis); and the Rev. Vicki Fogel Mykles (communications business, Fort Collins, Colo.).

Also, Jim Nedelka (ABC News Radio, New York City); Sue Poss (publishing company, Greenville, S.C.); Toya Richards (Richards Hill Communications, Louisville, Ky.); Bob Sloan (freelance writer, Hartsville, S.C.); and Sandy Sweep (civilian employee, Air Force reserve, Minneapolis).

PC(USA) national staff members (in Louisville, Ky., unless otherwise noted): Thommy Browne [Web designer, General Assembly Mission Council (GAMC)]; Jackie Carter (administrative assistant, GAMC); Pat Cole (communications specialist, GAMC); Barry Creech (executive office communications coordinator, GAMC); Bethany Furkin (reporter, Presbyterian News Service); Randy Hobson [Web manager, Office of the General Assembly (OGA)]; Shellee Layman (designer, GAMC); Mindy Marchal (video producer, GAMC); the Rev. Emily Odom (communications associate, GAMC, Greensboro, N.C.); the Rev. Paul Seebeck (communications associate, GAMC); Eva Stimson (editor, Presbyterians Today); Becky Trinkle (executive assistant, GAMC); the Rev. Jerry Van Marter (coordinator, Presbyterian News Service); and the Rev. Sharon Youngs (communications coordinator, OGA).