Being Reformed: Faith Seeking Understanding—a series of biblically based mini-courses published by Congregational Ministries Publishing — has released new titles available to order for congregational use, including studies adapted for Korean and Spanish speakers.

Among the new releases are Enough: God’s Blessings in Abundance, written by Laura Mendenhall, and Faith, Hope, Love, and Witness: The PC(USA) Form of Government, written by Paul K. Hooker. Enough leads readers to look at what is most important in life — God’s blessings, which are in abundance, for us. Faith, Hope, Love, and Witness: The PC(USA) Form of Government serves as a brilliant introduction to the new form of church government, explaining core affirmations and foundations of Presbyterian polity. 

Each six-session study from Being Reformed: Faith Seeking Understanding addresses its subjects from a Reformed theological perspective, while providing a foundational understanding of the Reformed faith. Studies include Scripture, in-depth commentary, and questions for reflection. 

“These resources enable churches to have solid studies, grounded in our tradition, which can strengthen all programs of adult education,” said Donald K. McKim, editor of Being Reformed. “Pastors, educators, and those who lead adult education classes will find these studies to be relevant, accessible, and nourishing to the lives of those who participate.”

Also available are Teología para el pueblo presbiteriano (Theology for Presbyterians) by Donald K. McKim and Discipulado: A la manera de Jesús (Discipleship: The Way of Jesus) by John P. Burgess, now adapted for Spanish speakers. Teología para el pueblo presbiteriano is an excellent study for new members, focusing on what people in the Reformed and Presbyterian tradition believed in the past and ways key theological understandings matter in our Christian lives in the church today. Discipulado opens a variety of paths to understanding both the comfort and the challenge of being Christian believers who follow the way of Jesus in the world.

Joining the popular study 전도가 되는 예배 (Worship as Evangelism) by LindaJo H. McKim in Korean adaptation is 주기도문 (The Lord’s Prayer), written by the late Thomas W. Gillespie. This study enhances knowledge in the prayer that Jesus taught and takes on deeper dimensions as readers pray its words in groups or as individuals.

“Being Reformed is an appropriate and timely resource that needs to be nurtured and equipped by biblical and Reformed theological reflection on various areas of Christian life,” said Grace Choon Kim, associate for curriculum/resource development with Korean adults.

Being Reformed studies in English, Spanish, and Korean are available at the church store online or by calling the Presbyterian Distribution Service at (800) 524-2612. Download a free sample session (in English) on the website.