Being Reformed: Faith Seeking Understanding — a new curriculum of biblically based mini-courses published by Congregational Ministries Publishing of the PC(USA) — has released an introductory study for congregations discussing the Confession of Belhar.

The proposed adoption of the Confession of Belhar to the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) Book of Confessions is stirring debate in the Presbyterian Church, causing many of its members to seek out answers from an understandable yet theological perspective.  

Written by renowned Presbyterian scholar Dr. Cynthia Holder Rich, The Confession of Belhar focuses on major themes of unity, reconciliation, and justice. It explores what it means to be a confessional church and to meet and confess faith in the face of racism in its various forms.

“The Confession of Belhar is an important document confessed by a faithful people in a historic situation,” said Charles A. Wiley III, coordinator for the Office of Theology and Worship PC(USA). “All Christians should heed their voice for the church’s unity and against the corrosive ideology of racial division.”

In addition to The Confession of Belhar — and just in time for Holy Week — Being Reformed has published a new study focusing on the last days of Jesus Christ. Seven Days to Glory by Blair R. Monie looks at the importance of Jesus’ actions during his last days, and what they mean for Christians today.

“This growing library of resources enables church groups to have solid studies, grounded in our tradition, which can strengthen all programs of adult education. Pastors, educators, and those who lead adult education classes will find the studies to be relevant, accessible, and nourishing to the lives of those who participate,” said Donald McKim, editor of Being Reformed.

Each six-session study from Being Reformed: Faith Seeking Understanding addresses its subjects from a Reformed theological perspective while providing a foundational understanding of the Reformed faith. Studies include Scripture, in-depth commentary, and questions for reflection. 

Fifteen studies are currently available from Being Reformed, and three more studies — Christian Living in God’s Splendor, Church History: Those Who Shaped the Christian Faith, and Seeing Jesus in God’s Gospel — are scheduled for release in June 2011.

Also coming soon — three of the curriculum’s most popular studies are going global. Discipleship: The Way of Jesus and Worship as Evangelism are being translated into Korean, while Discipleship: The Way of Jesus and Theology for Presbyterians are being published in Spanish. Expect these studies in fall 2011.

Order Being Reformed online at the church store or by calling the Presbyterian Distribution Service at (800) 524-2612. Learn more about the curriculum by visiting the Being Reformed website.