The Junction website helps coordinate mission trips, events for greater impact

January 20, 2012


If you are looking for a mission trip opportunity for your group and need some inspiration and information, or if you have a mission trip or mission-related event you want to promote, The Junction is your one-stop shop for getting and sharing details about what’s happening in global mission. The Junction is a new online database that allows you to connect and serve with churches, Mid Councils, individuals, mission networks, and others to post and search for information about upcoming mission trips and mission events.

Mission Trips
Visit and type in the kind of mission trip you are looking for, and find a list of trips that are scheduled. You can find out where people are going, what kinds of mission work they will be doing and coordinate your own mission work to avoid duplication and increase the likelihood of collective, transforming impact.

The Junction is also a good place for people who feel that God has placed mission on their heart, but they don’t know where to start. Peruse the events and mission opportunities and connect with others who can help you discern where God is calling you to serve.

Mission Events
If you want to promote a mission-related event like a conference, consultation, fair or mission network meeting, you can do that at The Junction. You can also use it to announce that you are willing to host traveling church groups who might be in town for a special event like a mission study group tour, conference or a camp cleanup.

Presbyterian World Mission also produces other print and web-based resources to help you get ready to go on a mission trip, as well as how best to reflect on how God’s people can do mission faithfully and effectively in partnership. Some of these include:

Mission Trips website – General information on trips, tools for trip leaders and places to serve in the United States and around the world.

Mission Trip Tip Sheet – Use these documents to help maximize the effectiveness of your mission trip adventure. The tip sheet includes: Discerning Your Congregation’s Call; Assessing Your Congregation’s Global Mission Involvement; Presbyterians Do Mission In Partnership; Protocols for Partnership; and Google Me a Mission!  

Mission Crossroads website – An interactive online faith community dedicated to helping you engage in God’s mission around the world. Share and discover mission stories, resources, best practices and concerns in a search for more faithful and effective mission involvement.

Mission Crossroads Magazine – Learn how Presbyterian World Mission ministers in the name of Christ to address the root causes of poverty, share the Gospel, and engage in reconciliation among cultures of violence. Read news and features about mission personnel, global partners, and grassroots Presbyterians involved in God’s mission around the world. Subscribe at Click on “subscribe.” You can also read all the content from the print magazine on the Mission Crossroads website.

God's Mission Matters PodcastsLearn how to engage more faithfully and effectively in God’s mission. Hear insights from mission workers and Scripture based on a guiding “tip of the month” for mission involvement. The podcast comes with transcripts of the conversations and a study guide, complete with devotions and activities to accompany that month’s theme. God’s Mission Matters is an interactive tool for Christian educators looking for materials and ideas for how to connect with Presbyterian World Mission. It is paired with a webinar series, which investigates the same topics as part of an online seminar, complete with expert panelists, Q & A, and live presentations. Available at; click on the “podcast” tab.

World Mission Country web pages – Learn about a part of the world that God has put on your heart. Start at to find mission workers, partner organizations and the history of the PC(USA) in particular countries.

Print resources include:

When God’s People Travel Together – a three-volume resource for mission trip leaders. Includes a planning manual, guide for reflecting and acting on mission trips and Bible studies for mission. $20 (PDS 2435807014, visit to purchase)

Faith in Action – This book answers a question often posed by mission committees: How can we best allocate our funds and resources toward meeting the critical needs of the world today? Former Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) mission worker Stephen Knisely proposes three biblically grounded "models' of development ministries and asks crucial questions. $15 (PDS 7440000022, visit to purchase)

For more details, contact Andy Rector (national short-term trips).