The African American Congregational Office invites you to share “What God is up to” in your African American congregation or community of worship and to learn how others are experiencing and expressing Christ’s love. It’s one way the staff hopes to use the office’s new website to better serve the needs of congregations.

The new site, just launched, also includes a daily “spiritual vitamin,” a look at the heritage of African American Presbyterians, a list of grants and scholarships to nurture African American congregations, the latest edition of the African American Congregational Directory, and much more.

The African American Congregational Support Office, based in Racial Ethnic & Women’s Ministries/PW, in Louisville, assists the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) in addressing the needs of African American congregations. It works in partnership with mid councils to nurture and facilitate ministries that will transform African American congregations into healthier and more vibrant worshipping communities.

The office emphasizes principles that will encourage, nurture, support, motivate, equip, and empower leaders and disciples of Jesus Christ to deeply engage in the disciplines of prayer and discernment, which transform communities to transform the world.

Please visit the new website to learn more about the African American Congregational Support Office and its resources for you and your community of worship. And consider taking the time to learn more about all our ministries within Racial Ethnic & Women’s Ministries/PW.