Commissioners and advisory delegates to the 220th General Assembly were asked on Sunday (July 1) to help “ignite a movement to create 1001 new worshiping communities” in the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.).  

After seeing a video highlighting a new worshiping community, ruling elder Mike Kruse, who chairs the General Assembly Mission Council, told the group of more than 900 that they had each received a coupon for a 1001 worshiping communities t-shirt.

“Come to the 1001 booth in the Exhibit Hall to get your t-shirt and more information about this movement,” he said.

Commissioners and advisory delegates heeded Kruse’s call. Packing the GAMC exhibit space following the afternoon plenary, an estimated 500 shirts were given away in less than an hour.

Commissioner Pat Plant from San Jose Presbytery said, “It (1001 movement) is very exciting.  There’s lots of people we haven’t appealed to, this might be the way.”