The Theological Issues, Institutions, and Christian Education committee concluded their business Tuesday morning by revisiting the list of affiliated colleges and universities. They amended their approval of the list by adding a comment.

The committee’s comment requested that the General Assembly Mission Council, with the Association of Presbyterian Colleges and Universities, to develop a clear definition of what it means to be considered an affiliated school. Currently there is no guideline for affiliation.

Commissioner Gary Davis of Great Rivers Presbytery warned that an effort at greater definition wouldn’t “make any difference because it is the trustees of these institutions that make these decisions.”

However, the committee felt that some clarification is called for and passed the approval with comment.

Also approved Tuesday morning was amended language to the Directory for Worship (W-3.3503) adding the word ordination and changing the titles pastor or associate pastor to teaching elder.

The committee concluded its work with the celebration of the Lord’s Supper.