In the weeks after the Presidential election, a bipartisan group of eight Senators were appointed to craft a proposal for comprehensive immigration reform.  While one Republican and one Democrat have dropped out of negations, the Gang of 6 released a statement late Sunday night (January 27th) that they had reached a deal on a framework on moving forward with legislation.  The Washington Post reported that: "The document is intended to provide guideposts that would allow legislation to be drafted by the end of March…"  A press release will be held on January 28th to further outline their four page agreement.  

The Senators have state that further immigration legislation should encompass the following four basic pillars:
Create a tough but fair path to citizenship for unauthorized immigrants currently living in the United States that is contingent upon securing our borders and tracking whether legal immigrants have left the country when required;
Reform our legal immigration system to better recognize the importance of characteristics that will help build the American economy and strengthen American families;
Create an effective employment verification system that will prevent identity theft and end the hiring of future unauthorized workers; and,
Establish an improved process for admitting future workers to serve our nation’s workforce needs, while simultaneously protecting all workers.

View the Bipartisan Framework for Comprehensive Immigration Reform at the NY Times website.

Watch the Office of Immigration Issues website for more details as they are made available.