Forty-one presbyteries honored for generosity in 2012

PC(USA) recognizes giving in several categories

October 23, 2013


The Presbyterian Mission Agency of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) is honoring presbyteries large and small across the country for their generous support of Presbyterian mission in 2012.                                            

“Presbyterians are passionate about mission on a local, national, and global scale,” said Linda Valentine, executive director of the Presbyterian Mission Agency. “Such generous annual giving by our presbyteries not only allows us to engage in mission and ministry across the country and around the world but also models a spirit of abundance as we seek to fund Christ’s mission together.”

Mission giving by presbyteries in 2012 helped to support many vital ministries of the church, including a variety of innovative programs sponsored by the Office of Public Witness, the public-policy and advocacy office of the PC(USA) General Assembly. Its task is to advocate—and help the church to advocate—the social-witness perspectives and policies of the General Assembly. The church has a long history of applying these biblically and theologically based insights to issues that affect the public, maintaining a public-policy ministry in the nation's capital since 1946.

Racial ethnic leadership development is also supported by these funds. As a part of this initiative, racial ethnic leaders attend leadership institutes and mentoring events that provide an opportunity for participants to learn firsthand from current leaders within the PC(USA). Several hundred individuals have enhanced their skills in such areas as leadership development, personnel management, and budget and finance.

The Young Adult Volunteer (YAV) program is another example of how these funds support Christ’s mission. The YAV program offers exciting opportunities in Chris­tian service for young adults ages 19 to 30. YAVs live together in Christian community, deepening and developing their faith while serving in communities of need. The YAV program has sites across the United States and around the world. YAVs serve for one academic year, August through July, in community agencies or congregations.

YAVs tackle some of the most challenging issues in the world—poverty, violence, and reconciliation—while sharing the good news of Jesus Christ as they live and reflect with other volunteers on the meaning and motivation of their Christian faith.

“Gifts from the presbyteries make these and many other transformational programs possible,” said Valentine. “We give thanks to God for their mission giving as an act of Christian financial discipleship and thank them for their ongoing support and faithful stewardship.”  

Top-10 lists were compiled in four giving categories: total mission giving, Basic Mission Support (unrestricted gifts), Special Offerings, and other specific appeals. The lists are sorted by total giving and by average giving per member.

For 2012, Chicago Presbytery topped the list for total mission giving, while Santa Fe Presbytery capped the list for total giving per member. Chicago and National Capital presbyteries were each honored in six of the eight categories. Donegal was honored in five categories, while Grace and Philadelphia were each honored in four categories. 

Total giving by dollar amount

Chicago                         $1,050,336

National Capital              $936,738

Grace                                $822,698

Philadelphia                    $670,442

Donegal                            $617,308

Cascades                           $506,205

Detroit                              $473,500

Pittsburgh                         $455,690

Western North Carolina  $430,302

Carlisle                              $396,612

Total giving by average per member

Santa Fe                               $42.30

Western Colorado               $35.40

Sierra Blanca                       $33.22

Donegal                               $32.62

Southeastern Illinois           $32.62

Eastern Oregon                   $32.59

San Joaquin                         $31.70

Pines                                    $31.51

Chicago                               $30.91

Utah                                     $30.43 

Basic Mission Support by total dollar amount

Donegal                            $337,312

Grace                                $333,340

Chicago                            $331,598

Philadelphia                     $252,391

Cascades                           $197,004

National Capital              $187,851

Carlisle                              $185,447

New Harmony                 $183,256

Heartland                         $170,402

Foothills                            $164,773

Basic Mission Support by average per member

Santa Fe                               $19.72

Donegal                               $17.83

New Harmony                    $15.50

Western Reserve                 $15.09

Wyoming                             $14.25

Carlisle                                 $13.41

Eastern Oregon                   $13.22

Redwoods                            $13.04

Kiskiminetas                        $12.19

Albany                                 $12.17 

Special Offerings by total dollar amount

National Capital              $413,620

Grace                                $347,342

Chicago                            $300,051

Philadelphia                     $247,518

Detroit                              $216,120

Cascades                           $198,714

Donegal                            $193,307

Twin Cities Area              $173,822

Giddings-Lovejoy             $172,246

New Covenant                $171,040

Special Offerings by average per member

Western Colorado               $23.81

Sierra Blanca                       $17.44

Utah                                     $15.06

Santa Fe                               $14.43

Alaska                                  $13.69

National Capital                 $12.84

Boise                                     $12.62

Nevada                                $12.49

Milwaukee                           $12.26

Eastern Oregon                   $11.88 

Donations to other appeals by total dollar amount

Chicago                            $418,686

National Capital              $335,266

Pittsburgh                         $221,419

Baltimore                          $176,143

Philadelphia                     $170,532

San Diego                         $148,527

Grace                                $142,016

Charlotte                          $127,129

San Francisco                   $123,568

Coastal Carolina              $123,163

Donations to other appeals by average per member

Pines                                    $19.23

Tres Rios                              $17.30

San Joaquin                         $14.64

Chicago                               $12.32

Southeastern Illinois           $12.24

South Alabama                   $11.75

Baltimore                             $11.16

National Capital                 $10.40

San Diego                            $10.07

Sheppards and Lapsley      $10.06

The Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) has over 10,000 congregations, which are organized into 173 presbyteries (district governing bodies) and 16 synods (regional governing bodies).

For more information about the top-giving presbyteries, contact Terri Bate, senior director, Funds Development Ministry, for the Presbyterian Mission Agency, by email or by phone at 800-728-7228 x5628.

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