The building occupied by Westminster Presbyterian Church in Duluth, Minn., is slated to be demolished soon, including a large stained-glass window in the church’s sanctuary.

The building was damaged beyond repair in last summer’s Midwest flooding.

Before the building comes down, members of the church are seeking a buyer for the triangular-shaped window, which was not damaged.

The window, which measures 39 feet wide by 11 feet high, is made of 24 separate sections. It is valued by its creator at $62,000. “We would probably accept less than that if necessary,” says Paul Rigstad, who is trying to find a new home for the window on behalf of the Westminster congregation. 

Time is of the essence, says Jean Abramson, Westminster’s clerk of session. The city of Duluth and Minnesota’s Department of natural resources “are in control of the timeline for the demolition,” she says, “and we’ve been told it may happen in the next six weeks.”

Questions concerning the window should be directed to Paul Rigstad at 218-727-6576.