“My husband died at the Congo border. When I received word about his death, I dropped what I was doing and traveled there. But upon my return home two weeks later, I found that my in-laws had taken all that my husband had left me. I was stripped of everything; we didn’t have even a stool to sit on. They started to harass me and wanted to chase me out of our house but thanks to mediation efforts by the church, I was allowed to stay and raise my children.” View a short video of testimonies by Congolese widows about their experiences with this cultural phenomenon. Last November, I heard one widow after the other share about her ordeal. I was back in the Congo for the first time in fifteen years to discern with Jeff (Boyd) the question our Presbyterian World Mission colleagues had brought before us: Would we consider relocating to this country from which we had evacuated twice with our three young children? The widows’ stories resonate with those I've heard from African sisters across the continent. The Rev. Christine Ngalula, the assistant director of the Department for Women and Families of the Presbyterian Community in the Congo (CPC), elaborates: