The Rev. Joe Evans, pastor at First Presbyterian Church in Columbia, Tenn., is the featured preacher for the 5th and 6th Sundays after Pentecost, July 20 and 27, on “Day 1” with host Peter Wallace, the nationally broadcast ecumenical radio program also accessible online at

Evans came to First Church in 2011. He previously served Good Shepherd Presbyterian in Lilburn, Ga., as associate pastor of mission and outreach after his 2007 ordination and then as interim pastor.

Evans is a graduate of Presbyterian College in Clinton, SC, and Columbia Theological Seminary in Decatur, Ga. He has served as editor of the journal Lectionary Homiletics since 2005, and has also contributed to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, the Journal for Preachers and The Silver Cross.

His sermon for July 20, entitled “Pacing in the Waiting Room,” is based on Paul’s letter to the Romans, Chapter 8, in which the apostle compares present sufferings to the glory that will be revealed. “’The creation waits in eager expectation,’ like a laboring mother who knows that nothing deserves her attention so much as the work that her body is doing ― but like a distracted father,” Evans asks, “are you more anxious than eager?” 

Anderson’s message for July 27, entitled “We Do Not Know How to Pray,” focuses on Romans in 8:26-39 which begin with this indictment and continue with an exploration of the quality of the love of Christ.  

He says, “We pray that God will do what we want, praying as though we were dictating our will to our attorney…. Should not prayer be the act of giving up on our will and trusting in God’s?” 

The “Day 1” programs include interviews with Evans conducted by Wallace, who is also executive producer.  

“Day 1,” has been broadcast every week for nearly 69 years, formerly as “The Protestant Hour.” Featuring outstanding preachers from the mainline denominations, “Day 1” is currently distributed to more than 200 radio stations across America and overseas. The program is produced by the Alliance for Christian Media, based in Atlanta, Ga.