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1001 New Worshiping Communities "Investment" Grant

These grants are intended to support operating/program purposes such as salary and benefits, insurance, rent, educational materials, etc... These grants are limited to new worshiping communities that are related to the Presbyterian Church (USA), located within the United States and Puerto Rico and were established no earlier than July, 2010.

A project may receive a cumulative grant amount of no more than $50,000 from any combination of 1001 New Worshiping Community and/or New Church Grants.  New Worshiping Community Grant proposals may be submitted for consideration at any time.

New worshiping communities may apply for a one-time Seed Grant of up to $7,500.  Matching funds are not required.  Six months after receipt of a Seed Grant, a one-time Investment Grant of up to $17,500 is possible.  Approval of Investment Grants is conditioned upon real progress having been made toward meeting the definition of a new worshiping community.  Investment Grants ordinarily require a 50% dollar-for-dollar match provided by the combined contributions of the partner congregation(s) and presbytery and/or synod.  In-kind contributions for the match are acceptable.  Waivers of the match will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

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