Support for 1001 Worshiping Communities Growing (video)

Here is bold new vision, something we can all get behind. A direction that resonates with the very direction the Holy Spirit is speaking to the hearts of women and men all around the Church. Something the Lord is inspiring the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) to take on. We are focusing our efforts on creating conditions that will allow our existing worshiping communities to flourish, and engages them in giving birth to over 1,000 new worshiping communities in the next ten years. Some are suggesting this number isn’t big enough.

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  1. As a young adult and seminarian, it is movements like this that draw me to the PC(USA) and give me hope for the future of the church. I just attended one of the 1001 gatherings in Newport Beach and left a few of my take-aways on my personal blog,

    by Laura Terasaki

    September 9, 2012

  2. Gracias pastor! Dios les bendiga a ustedes también. (Thanks pastor! May God bless you all as well.)

    by Paul Seebeck

    March 16, 2012

  3. Soy pastor en un pequeño grupo evangélico en una pequeña ciudad en el Pirineo, España. Hasta ahora no había testimonio protestante en la ciudad, ahora Dios ha querido reunirnos y ser testimonio de su amor. Les animo en el proyecto de 1001 nuevos lugares de testimonio, que el Señor le bendiga. Daniel Vergara

    by Daniel Vergara Muñoz

    March 15, 2012