2012 Women of Faith nomination form

The Women of Faith Awards honors women who have courageously transformed and strengthened the church in its witness and ministry in a time of great transition.  The 2012 Women of Faith Awards theme is "Courageous Women Transforming Communities of Faith, Hope, Love & Witness." Deadline to submit nominations is January 23, 2012.

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  1. Judy serves as the Associate in Growth of the Andrew Riverside Presbyterian Church. Her involvement in work study mission trips led her to begin ARK FOR PEACE ARK can be viewed on arkforpeace.org Under her leadership ARK has grown from 3 countries: Guatemala, Palestine and USA to include Malawi, Jordan, Lithuania. New countries this year will include Afghanistan, Iran and Somali. The USA group includes African American, Native American, Hawaiian, Alaskan, Viet Nam, and Anglo. This peace building group of 70+ has had five two week summits and is planning for summit six in the summer of 2012. The intensity and commitment of the program has laid the path for the young people to select life vocations in building a better world. There is no payroll for ARK. Judy gives of her time, expertise and passion. She is a remarkable builder of peace globally. A credit to the Presbyterian Church USA. Last year a Baptist college awarded her. It is time this is done through her own denomination.

    by Judith Maghakian

    December 20, 2011