220th General Assembly (2012) Commissioners

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Standing Rule B.1 provides:

  1. Each presbytery shall elect commissioners to the General Assembly in accordance with Book of Order, G 13.0102. The number of commissioners attending General Assembly will be based on the number of active members, including resident clergy members of presbytery. The figures for active members will be taken from the information recorded in Minutes of the General Assembly, Part II, Statistics of the year in which per capita apportionment is assessed for the year in which General Assembly meets.
  2. Presbyteries shall elect commissioners in sufficient time to permit the list of commissioners to be delivered to the Stated Clerk of the General Assembly 120 days prior to the convening of the session of the General Assembly to which they are commissioned.
  3. Ministers and elders considered for election as commissioners must be able to be in attendance for the duration of the General Assembly.

The number of commissioners that each presbytery may elect for the 219th General Assembly (2010) is determined by the presbytery membership as of December, 2008. Presbyteries with up to 8,000 members (including minister members) will elect 1 minister and 1 elder; those with 8,001 to 16,000 members will elect 2 ministers and 2 elders, those with 16,001 – 24,000 members will elect 3 ministers and 3 elders, etc.

This chart shows the 2008 membership figures for each presbytery (as reported to the Office of the General Assembly), and the number of commissioners that each presbytery is eligible to elect.

Twenty presbyteries will elect 2 fewer commissioners than they had for the 2008 assembly; please confirm the number your presbytery may elect early in your process.


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