A Manual for Moderators!

Below you will find a copy of the Moderators' Procedure Notebook from Mid-Kentucky Presbytery that Rev. Ken Hockenberry shared with the conference. This was updated for the 2013 Moderators' Conference. 11/12/13

Table of Contents

Motions Chart                                                                                     Page 3

Rules of Motions                                                                                Page 4

Voting in a Presbytery Meeting                                                     Page 5

General Docket Procedures                                                            Page 6

Opening Procedures                                                                         Page 7

Closing Procedures                                                                           Page 8

Reception of a New Pastor - Member of Presbytery             Page 9

Dismissal of a Pastor or Member

          Dissolution of a Pastoral Relationship                              Page 10

Examination of an Inquirer

          (Move from an Inquirer to a Candidate)                           Pages 11-13

Examination of Candidates for Ordination

      to the ordered Ministry of Teaching Elder                            Pages 14-16

Retirement of a Pastor / Teaching Elder                                     Pages 17-18

Commissions of the Presbytery                                                      Pages 19-21     

     Ordination / Installation Service for a Teaching Elder
     As Pastor or Associate Pastor

    Commissioning Service for a Ruling Elder
    Commissioned to Particular Pastoral Service

Statements on Ordination and Installation                                Page 22

The Constitutional Questions /                                                       Pages 23-24

          For use in Ordination / Installation and
          Commissioning Services  

Sample Prayers / Declarations for Ordination / Installation Pages 25-28

Sample Minutes for a Commission to Ordain / Install             Pages 29-30

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