African-American Presbyterian Congregations directory

The African-American Presbyterian Directory, consisting of predominately African-American congregations includes:

  • Index by synods, congregations and pastors
  • African-American Clergy Women
  • African-American Seminary staff persons
  • African-American General Assembly staff persons African-American executives in governing bodies
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  1. I will be in Louisville, KY for a conference in early Septemer and I'm looking for an African American Presbyterian Church to attend on Sunday September 8th. I would appreciate any feedback you may have.

    by Harriet Jacobs

    August 26, 2013

  2. I am looking for an African American Presbyterian Church in the 29909 zip code area which is Bluffton, SC. I currently work on Sunday mornings but once I retire I want to be involved in a church. I am white but prefer a black congregation.

    by Annie Piazza

    January 5, 2013