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The Biblical Witness to Peacemaking, 2011-2012

Use this daily index of scriptures related to peacemaking themes throughout the year. 

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  1. The website is difficult to use just to download the Biblical Witness to Peacemaking. I finally got here only to find that the 2012-2013 has not yet been posted. We use this in our daily devotions and are very aware that today is the last day for 2011-2012 Help us, please.

    by Martha Smith

    October 6, 2012

  2. Do you have a PDF download, The Biblical Witness to Peacemaking, 2012-2013?

    by Amy Wyckoff

    March 19, 2012

  3. Where is the "Biblical Witness to Peacemaking for 2011-2012" ???

    by Martha Smith

    October 1, 2011

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    by Deogracious

    July 18, 2011

  5. Does the church have a mission statement for social justice?

    by Betty

    February 3, 2011

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    by carlos eduardo ferreira _ puck

    October 30, 2010

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