Big Tent 2013 General Information and Registration

Join us at Big Tent, where ten national Presbyterian conferences will gather under one roof and with one theme: “Putting God’s First Things First.”

All are welcome! This event is for those who are new to Presbyterian conferences and organizations, as well as for members and previous attendees of one or more of the ten partner
conferences and organizations.

  • Compassion, Peace, and Justice Conference
  • Evangelism and Church Growth Conference
  • Healthy Ministry Conference
  • National Elders Conference
  • National Multicultural Church Conference
  • Presbyterian Communicators Network Conference
  • Racial Ethnic and Immigrant Ministries Convocation
  • Seminary Support Network Conference
  • Theology, Worship, and Education Conference
  • World Mission Conference

And those who don’t just want to affiliate with one conference will have the opportunity to
choose activities from any of the conferences to, in effect, create your own conference!

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