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Caregiver Sunday 2010 packet

November 14, 2010, is Caregiver Sunday. Get suggestions for caregiving and resources for people who provide care.

  • What Does Family Caregiving Mean?
  • A Suggested Liturgy for Caregivers Sunday 2010
  • Eagles In A Storm — sermon illustration
  • Ideas for Honoring the Gifts of Family Caregivers
  • Beatitudes for Caregivers
  • Pastoral Care: Identifying At-Risk Caregivers
  • Contacts For More Information
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  1. I would like to download the PDF for this 2010 Caregiver Sunday packet. The Ideas for Honoring the Gifts of Family Caregivers as well as the Identifying At-Risk Caregivers is of interest to me. Thank you!

    by Lisa Fettinger, Parish Nurse

    February 11, 2012

  2. When I downloaded the PDF, everything was blacked out.

    by Barbara Votrobeck

    November 4, 2010