Climate Change and our Wacky Food System handout

Workshop presentation handout by Andrew Kang Bartlett for Louisville Presbyterian Theological Seminary “Mending Our Earth” Teach-In, 2007

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  1. Doug, you are most surely correct. Though that alone would not be a reason not to reduce meat consumption, right? But you raise the important issue of poverty being the reason why people are going hungry around the world -- especially when we consider that food production has kept apace with population increases. So this points us to the need to address poverty with the approaches to development and, in particular, agricultural development since there is so much poverty among rural populations. Applying market principles to food has not worked well for those without enough money to purchase it, so this is why rural people's movements and our church partners in many countries are calling for food sovereignty - which is about democratizing the food system and allowing for greater local and national-level control of production and the shape of the food system.

    by andrew kang bartlett

    March 20, 2012

  2. Unfortunately, even if all the people in the United States became vegans, the people in Somalia would still be starving, because they are poor.

    by Doug Whyte

    March 20, 2012

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