The Company of New Pastors brochure

Being a good pastor is more than what one does. Good ministry cannot be defined by a list of actions in a particular call. What one does as a pastor must flow from who one is as a person called by God. This sense of vocation infuses the actions of the individual, transcends any job description and grants the freedom and resources necessary to fulfill the promise to serve “with energy, intelligence, imagination and love” as proscribed in the Book of Order (W-4.4003.h).

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  1. I too would like to seek ordination through the Prebyterian CHurch. I have non recognized ordaination through a baptist church. But which to in the Presyterian Church

    by john

    February 28, 2011

  2. I am a 51 year old retired Houston Police Officer and currently work for American Express. I am also a part-time seminary student; having obtained 20 hours of on-line course work through Asbury Theological Seminary and 6 hours of course work through Perkin's School of Theology (Southern Methodist University) Houston campus. I have been a volunteer lay-minister at several area hospitals, including Texas Children's in the Houston Medical Center. Although I feel that God is calling me to serve in this capacity, I have also been led to prison ministry. I would like information about ordination through the Presbyterian Church and what opportunities might be afforded with God's call? Thank you!

    by Shawn Hogan

    December 18, 2010