Comparative Statistics 2012 - Table 15

Comparative Statistics 2012

Number of PC(USA) Congregations, How They Are Served, Worship Attendance, and Giving Information by Membership Size, 2012

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  1. unless the general assembly realizes what is happening within their own leadership direction, PCUSA congregations, memberships, and tithing will continue to shrink. it doesn't take a 5th grade education to realize the direction or misdirection is based not on biblical principles and truths but rather on feel good/let us fit in theology. I apologize for this scalding rebuke but the inspired word of God via Paul reveals in Romans 1:16-32 who the foolish are. What exactly is going on within this hierarchy to believe in and promulgate such beliefs? I am referring to one of your 221st general assembly agenda issues coming up for vote in Detroit. i beg you to end this senselessness and Godless driven passion to fit in and get back to God inspired principles of our faith. Thank you....

    by harold roberson

    June 3, 2014

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