The Covenant

The Covenant between The Synod of the Trinity of the Presbyterian Church (USA) and  Davis & Elkins College

I. Preamble to the Covenant

 Throughout their respective histories, The Presbyterian Church (USA) and Davis & Elkins College have based their corporate lives on the premise that humankind approaches and responds to God through both faith and learning. For example, requirements for ordination as a Minister of the Word and Sacrament in the Presbyterian Church (USA) make clear that those who sense a divine call to ministry must act on that calling by completing a rigorous program of higher education. This belief in the integral relationship between faith and learning led the Church from its earliest days in North America to found and nurture institutions of higher learning as its very first ministry beyond the local parish. More recently, the Church’s commitment to higher education motivated the 2003 General Assembly to adopt Item 09-01, Reclaiming the Vision: A Mission Strategy to Strengthen the Partnership Between the Presbyterian Church (USA) and Related Schools, Colleges, and Universities.

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