Creative Process: Art Production During the Synod COR Training Event

Artist Statement: 

The role of the artist in the community can be one of listening on the edges. As an artist I love to sit in the liminal spaces of a conversation, listening for the passion and ideas, the vision and the plans take shape, and then I inscribe them on a canvas, recording them and making visible the dreams of the gathered the community. 

As I listened around the edges of the COR gathering I heard the desire for digging deep into the context of the biblical stories and in the communities that are under represented in our life together. I heard the desire to create a patchwork of a multitude of color, to listen closely for the unheard voices and the lost or forgotten voices. The painting that emerges is the dream of what will be born by a patchwork  community that intentionally weaves together the distinct colors, histories, stories and promise of the many diverse communities that are in our midst, at our edges or longing to be heard from across borders and barriers. The dream becomes a dance when all are invited, all are heard, and all have voice.