Dawid Kuyler on the Confession of Belhar

Dawid Kuyler, General Secretary of the Uniting Reformed Church in Southern Africa, engaged in a dialogue on the Confession of Belhar during a workshop at the Polity Conference of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.). He discussed the topic with Cynthia Holder Rich, Executive Pastor for Ministry at Village Presbyterian Church in Prairie Village, Kan.; and Charles A. Wiley III, Coordinator of the Office of Theology and Worship in the PC(U.S.A.).


When I think about Belhar I think about the time that was kind of a Kairos in which we encountered God. So, when I think about Belhar, it's not about the document that you are going to read but it's an account that people take of their encounter with God. That time we encountered God as the triune God from the Bible. The one who said, you know, I love you all. I make you all my children and out of that personal encounter with God it's kind of like God turned us around and he said, well, now since you've seen my face go to other people that I have called and be with them and walk with them into this world. Don't stay together just for being nice and enjoying one another. I've called you so that you can be one but so that you can walk together in this world where there's a lot of lies to bring the truth concerning reconciliation and justice. So, that makes Belhar something that you can feel excited about. It's about an encounter with God.