Dependent Care Reimbursement Policy for Commissioners and Advisory Delegates to the 222nd General Assembly (2016)

The Committee on the Office of the General Assembly has approved the following Dependent Care Reimbursement Policy for the upcoming General Assembly.  Briefly, it seeks to be both more generous and flexible by providing for an increased maximum reimbursement for dependent care expenses incurred during the assembly (up to $800 for one dependent, and $400 per each additional dependent) and recognizing additional categories of expenses eligible for reimbursement. The main part of the policy specifies that:

Commissioner or Advisory Delegate may include in vouchered expense, the cost of dependent care under the following circumstances:

  • The dependent is a child under the age 18 or an adult dependent requiring care, and is the responsibility of the commissioner or advisory delegate;
  • The care replaces that which is normally provided by the commissioner or advisory delegate or supplements care at the assembly;
  • The expenses do not exceed $800 per dependent or $400 per additional dependent.

We hope that this will enable more teaching and ruling elders to consider serving as a commissioner to the assembly; please share this full policy as you recruit individuals for this important work.

If you are expecting to submit reimbursement for non-traditional care, please complete this form (.docx) and submit to:

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