Disability Inclusion Sunday 2014

The Seasons of Life in the Family of Faith: Resources for Worship and Inclusion

June 22, 2014 is designated on the Presbyterian Planning Calendar as Disability Inclusion Sunday.  PHEWA’s Presbyterians for Disability Concerns (PDC) network has developed our annual resource packet to help in observing this day- on June 22nd or whenever works best in the life of your worshiping community. In addition to our full packet of worship and awareness resources we have developed a “scaled-down” version of our packet, with resources to perhaps introduce this emphasis for the first time.  Feel free to supplement what is offered here with additional pieces from the full packet.  With our 2014 theme, The Seasons of Life in the Family of Faith: Resources for Worship and Inclusion, we challenge congregations and worshiping communities to become authentic circles of inclusion for persons with disabilities in all stages of life. Sometimes it takes courage to invite others into our circles, or we may not know how to be more genuinely welcoming. Our prayer is that these PDC resources will help you to think through the challenges and take the risk of being more inclusive. Working together, we can make sure that no one is missing from the Lord’s Table and that the gifts of all God’s people are valued, affirmed, and put to good use, to the Glory of God.  Thank you for your role in making this the reality.

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