Doing Mission in Christ’s Way

The document “Doing Mission in Christ’s Way” is an outcome of the January 2008 Dallas Consultation and was created at World Mission Celebration in October 2009. Originally signing were 64 leaders representing 27 mission organizations across the PC(USA) who were present at the consultation. 

Afterwards 39 more groups affirmed the document. Many signers wanted the group to “go deeper,” to begin to suggest practical ways to describe how Presbyterians can best do mission in Christ’s way. 

Two workshops were held at the World Mission Celebration in Cincinnati and a writing team of Sherron George, Parrish Jones, Maria Zack, Bonnie Sue Lewis, Elaine Johnson and Hunter Farrell developed the document.

The document was recommended to the signers of the Dallas Invitation for their review and comments. The final outcome envisioned is for the document to be distributed widely to encourage Presbyterians to reflect on the faithfulness and effectiveness of their mission practice.

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