Event flier: Empowerment through collaborative advocacy for the Democratic Republic of the Congo

Congo Mission Network Conference: October 3 - 5, 2012

 This conference will focus on empowering congolese women and girls, teachers and students, through collaborative advocacy. Dr. Joseph Mulumba Musumbu Mukundi, General Secretary of the Presbyterian Church of Congo (CPC) will speak about how the church is empowering people through its 1,500+ Presbyterian churches, its 702 Presbyterian schools, universities and training programs and its social ministries. Influential advocates from Enough Project and Sudan, and legislative personnel will train us to use our personal and corporate power to make change. Representatives of other denominations will be present to share their advocacy work and to develop cooperative strategies to bring change to the Congo. Mission Co-Workers will explain how their work is empowering the Congolese women and educators.

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